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Home Warranty

Who needs Home Warranty Insurance?


Each Australian state has individual requirements for Home Warranty Insurance (sometimes referred to as Builders Warranty)


Licensed builders and contractors are required to have Home Warranty insurance for residential building jobs depending on the value of the job.


In NSW, most residential/domestic building work valued over $20,000, is legally required to have insurance under the Home Building Compensation Fund (HBCF) in place prior to commencing a project.


Only brokers who are approved as HBCF Distributors can act on behalf of builders and contractors in applying for eligibility and Certificates of Insurance for jobs. 


CoverMe Insurance Solutions are part of Westcourt General who are approved to provide Builders Warranty Insurance and therefore are authorised to offer this cover.


What does Home Warranty Insurance Cover?


The HBCF provides a safety net for homeowners for loss of deposit, incomplete and defective building work if their builder dies, disappears, becomes insolvent.


The safety net is also provided where the building contractors' licence has been suspended for failing to comply with a Tribunal or Court order to pay compensation to the homeowner.


How does a builder obtain Home Warranty Insurance?


Builders and contractors are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance to the homeowner before starting any work or accepting any money.


Applications for a Certificate of Insurance can only be made once a builder or contractor has a Certificate of Eligibility.


To apply for Eligibility a builder must first complete an icare Eligibility Application  and provide a copy of all documents requested on the Eligibility Checklist


Once a builder is eligible, they are required to complete the relevant Project Application for each job. HBCF require the premium to be paid before the builder is provided with the project certificate.


Where can I find additional information for Builders Warranty in NSW?


You can find additional information on the icare site via links below.










CoverMe can also assist with other insurances for builders and contractors, including Trades Packages, Construction Insurance , Public Liability and Workers Compensation.


Contact CoverMe Now for any queries on Builders Warranty or any other insurance product. We're here to simplify your insurance.