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Café & Restaurant Insurance

Whether you own or operate a café, restaurant, coffee shop, catering business or take away, there are industry specific risks you need to consider.

These may include fryers catching fire, water damage to floors after a cool room breakdown, deterioration of stock or fire brigade bills.

Coverme work for you, not the insurer, so we’re not just here to guide you in obtaining the right cover for your business. We’re here to assist in the event of a claim, ensuring you receive what you’re entitled to, so you can return to normal business operations in a timely manner.

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You may choose cover to your building, fit out, contents and stock in this section. Typically, this cover protects you from losses such as a fire, burst pipe, storm or accidental damage.

Flood damage is excluded from many policies, so it’s a good idea to check the history of flood incidents in your area and discuss this option with your Broker.


Public Liability is designed to provide protection for your business in the event a customer, supplier or member of the public is injured or sustains property damage as a result of negligent business activities. For example, hot food being spilt on a customer or a supplier slipping on a plastic mat when delivering goods.

Product Liability insurance protects you against claims of personal injury or property damage caused by products sold or supplied through your café or restaurant. For example, a customer complaint of an upset stomach after a meal.


The loss of income following an insurable event can often affect a business more than the damage to property. Whilst waiting for repairs, relocation or regaining access to utilities after a major power outage, your business will still have wages and other expenses. With reduced or possibly no income, this could be the difference between re-opening or shutting up shop. This cover aims to assist with cashflow and get you back into the same financial position you were in prior to the loss.



Protection for your stock and contents following theft by a forcible and/or violent entry. This cover can include theft without forcible & violent entry, theft in Open Air, damage to premises and replacement of locks & keys.



If you trade in cash, you may wish to cover loss of money cover. You can select cover for money in transit, money on your premises during and outside business hours, and even money in your personal custody.



This cover aims to protect you from the cost of replacing plate glass windows and your internal glass such as display counters, glass partitions and display fridges. This cover is often required as a condition within most commercial leases.



Café and restaurant owners rely on various machinery & equipment to keep their business operating. Breakdown of coffee machines, exhaust fans, refrigerators, air conditioners and other equipment can be costly to repair. Machinery Breakdown insurance covers costs of repair or replacement as a result of a breakdown.

This can include cover for loss of trade, the cost of hiring temporary machinery, removal of debris, and temporary cover for any additional machinery, whilst waiting for repairs or replacement of your equipment.

You can also extend the policy to include Deterioration of Stock cover. If you have no way to refrigerate your food, or your food has been at the wrong temperature for too long, this can be quite expensive to replace.


This cover is designed primarily for property that is moved around, for example a laptop. There are 2 types of cover. The standard cover being Defined Events which includes events such as fire, damage due to overturning vehicle or theft by forcible or violent entry. An Accident Damage policy includes the standard covers, plus Accident Damage cover.


Provides cover for a random tax investigation from the ATO. It covers costs up to the sum insured to comply with the tax audit, such as accountants, lawyers, bookkeeper’s fees or other expenses incurred during the audit.


This covers against the loss of property insured (including money) as a result of fraudulent behaviour or conduct of your employees. Cover can include Claims preparation fees.

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