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Trade Credit Insurance

What is Trade Credit Insurance

Trade Credit Insurance (also known as Debtors Insurance) protects businesses from bad debts due to client insolvency and payments defaults.

For most businesses, the money you are owed, is one of the largest assets and yet it is often not insured. Even the most disciplined credit management cannot prevent bad debts and no matter how careful you are, your customers can sometimes fail to pay.  What would be the impact of one of your largest customers failing to pay you?

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Who should consider Trade Credit Insurance?

Any business selling goods and services on credit terms with exposures to bad debts should strongly consider trade credit insurance as part of their business risk strategy. Self-insurance or a bad debt reserve does not replace monies lost, whereas trade credit insurance puts cash back in your hands.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to Trade Credit Insurance and the level and cost of your policy will be dictated by your needs.

What are the Benefits of Trade Credit Insurance?

  • Cashflow Relief - Swift access to replacement capital before permanent damage is done to your business.
  • Improve Credit Management - Greater access to information on your customers having an insurer assess the credit risk.
  • Insolvency Protection - Peace of mind knowing your hard work is protected if a major client becomes insolvent
  • Improved Sales - Grow your customer base with support and confidence to extend larger credit limits and more favourable trading terms
  • Better Banking Relationships - Strengthen access to credit facilities from financial institutions who can be named on the policy as a loss payee.

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