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Childcare Insurance

No matter what the size of your Childcare business, when you're in the business of caring you want the peace of mind knowing someone who understands your risks is looking out for you.

With many rules and regulations surrounding the welfare of children, we will work with you to find the best value insurance options, help identify risks and offer solutions to reduce hazards. We’re also here to guide you in the event of a claim to ensure you receive what you’re entitled to.

CoverMe offers packages to protect your business if you have any insurance claims in relation to your employees, your property and of course the children.

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What types of insurance cover do you need to consider?


General Liability protects you & your employees should a claim be made against you for any negligence which has resulted in Personal Injury and/or Property Damage to a Third Party.

This may include cover for activities away from your premises such as Fundraising events, concerts, or meetings.

No matter how careful you are there are still many risk exposures when it comes to children. Slips, trips, falls, incidents in the car park, choking or an allergic reaction to food.

Poor property maintenance, inadequate signage & fire protection can increase potential hazards. As can unhygienic facilities or incorrect use of medical aids such as Epi Pens.

PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY (Professional Liability)

Professional Indemnity insurance provides protection for claims made against you by third parties (such as a parent) for errors, omissions or negligent acts.

A claim may be made against you if a child is injured due to inadequate supervision or even due to sexual or physical abuse & molestation. If one of your employees or others with access to children abuses a child in your care, this may be considered a breach of professional duty.

Qualifications, experience of staff, pre-employment checks, good record keeping, and procedures are critical where the care of a child is involved.


Management Liability Insurance protects you and your service against the risks and exposures of running the company.

This can include cover for damages awarded, legal expenses & investigation costs for wrongful acts such as breach of duty or regulations, harassment or discrimination claims or misleading statements.


Cover for physical loss of or damage to Your Property Insured at your premises.

Childcare centres must comply with building codes and fire safety standards.  The property risks may vary depending on the age, condition, security & fire control measures at the premises. The kitchen facilities may increase the exposure and Electrical safety is important in older buildings.


Personal Accident Insurance provides financial compensation and cover for defined expenses if an accident results in the injury or death of a volunteer or child.

When it comes to children and play, accidents will happen. Should a parent or volunteer come to you for financial help with some their out-of-pockets expenses, this policy will assist. Whether it’s payment of certain bills or even lump sum payments for certain injuries & accidental death.


Business Interruption insurance covers you for loss of income when you cannot conduct business as usual after an insured event.

A childcare centre has a high exposure to business interruption due to the high dependency on location and potential loss of customers. If you are unable to operate due to a major event, even if replacement space can be found, it will probably take some time to bring it up to the specific requirements/code and to get the necessary approval.

Separate buildings or fire walls may enable the fire department to prevent a total loss and permit partial operation. However, even a partial loss may cause parents to avoid the establishment and smoke, or water damage can take a considerable time to repair.


Workers Compensation is governed in the State in which you reside. Go to Safe Work Australia for further information or contact your CoverMe Broker to guide you.


  • Crime (Money, Theft and Fidelity)
  • Mechanical & Equipment Breakdown
  • Commercial Motor
  • General Property (Cover away from premises)

If you’re looking for a personal and caring approach to your Childcare Insurance needs

Including Insurance, Risk Management, and Claims Guidance, contact Natalee Beadman on 0401 789 720.